Who We Are
Celebrating the 36th Annual Rare Plant Auction
Welcome to TheDCH

Our Mission

The Delaware Center for Horticulture inspires individuals and communities through the power of plants.


What We Do
Since 1977, the Delaware Center for Horticulture, (TheDCH) has cultivated a greener community by bringing people and plants together.  Our work includes creating and maintaining the first Urban Farm in the City of Wilmington, creating and supporting over 40 community gardens, beautifying public landscapes, planting and advising on the urban placement of trees, and hosting educational programs and community events. Because much of our work occurs in low income neighborhoods with higher rates of disease, environmental contamination, and poor access to healthy foods, our educational efforts also emphasize the personal health and sustainability benefits of gardening.


TheDCH is the only nonprofit membership organization that mobilizes and inspires community greening statewide in urban and suburban environments.  By inspiring an appreciation for improving our environment through horticulture, education, and conservation, TheDCH has become a leader in improving and beautifying communities throughout Delaware.


We use plants as a tool to educate and empower others. TheDCH supports more than 40 active community gardens; organizes city park improvement projects; beautifies Delaware's roadsides with native vegetation; maintains the landscaping of many traffic medians and streetscapes; leads regional projects to enhance Delaware's urban forests; and provides educational programs for children, teens, and adults. Our members come from Delaware and the surrounding region. We have more than 600 active and dedicated volunteers. who provide vital help in accomplishing our mission. Learn more about what we do 


Why It Matters
The work of TheDCH strengthens the social fabric and builds more livable towns and cities by enhancing the environmental, economic and aesthetic qualities of our cities and state. Working together, we create neighborhoods that are healthier, more attractive, and ecologically more sustainable.

Simply put, TheDCH is about “people and plants.”


I brought a friend to the flower arranging class and we had a blast! Emily was wonderful and I look forward to taking it again.

— Molly Keresztury
DE Art Museum