Public policy & advocacy

Since 1977, we have been an advocate for creating greener communities to create healthier communities. Through our established presence in Dover and long history of advocacy success, we continue to build relationships with policymakers at the county, state, and federal level.


Alliance for Community Trees (ACT)  

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ACT considers TheDCH one of most effective environmental organizations in the country and praises our advocacy on urban forestry legislation. The Alliance for Community Trees is a national umbrella for urban forestry groups, bringing best practices, national model programs, partnerships, and potential funding sources to the forefront. ACT’s Public Policy Committee advocates for legislation helpful to urban forest initiatives nationwide.

The Delaware Center for Horticulture can provide an opportunity for those who no longer have a garden to have a place to garden. I am happy and more than willing to support...
— Sarah Goodrich
Community gardens beautify abandoned lots, revitalize urban neighborhoods, and provide peaceful places to enjoy the outdoors.