Consulting Services

DCH has been greening the First State for over 40 years. Our approach to horticulture is community driven with a resonating impact. In order to assist residents in creating beautiful and environmental plantings of their own, we offer consulting services to those who may benefit from our specific expertise. With the assistance of University Extension Specialist Dr. Susan Barton, DCH’s consulting services exist to address challenging public landscapes with ecologically sound approaches.


We provide green advice for public streetscapes through a number of partnerships with public agencies such as Delaware Department of Transportation, Delaware Department or Natural Resources and Environmental Control, and University of Delaware. We advocate for and implement green improvements to transportation corridors statewide, as well as Wilmington area parks, plazas traffic medians, and other open spaces.


From advising on tree preservation and plant selection decisions for new park designs, DCH provides necessary and invaluable expertise to the public design and planning process. Previous cooperative projects include ENHANCING DELAWARE HIGHWAYS, the Alopocas Park expansion, Two Christina Crescent along the Wilmington Riverfront, and landscape management plan for the Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway. All of which help us preserve and expand upon landscapes reflecting the natural and cultural beauty of the State of Delaware.


To learn more about DCH’s Public Landscapes consulting, contact Vikram Krishnamurthy, Executive Director.

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