Public Landscapes

Public Landscapes make the diverse world of public horticulture prominent and accessible to all people.  If you enjoy taking a stroll through the city, work for a corporation that sponsors a traffic island planting, or are a resident that takes pride in the large containers on your street corner, you have already experienced TheDCH’s innovative work. Your continuing engagement with the landscape around you is an important part of keeping Wilmington beautiful. Each day people inspire us in our mission of creating beautiful, sustainable, and captivating public spaces.


We partner with numerous local entities including individual community members, public agencies, and regional businesses to utilize our expertise in landscape design and implementation benefitting the most challenging urban grow zones. From traffic islands to sidewalks, TheDCH provides appealing plantings that boldly meet the challenges of urban and suburban life. At once hardy and context-sensitive, these plantings infuse the cityscape and park system with a unique beauty and character. Furthermore, we offer consultation services to those who want to lead their own community initiatives but may require extra support. Continue to look for our signs nestled among the roadside greenery as you explore an increasingly sustainable Wilmington!

There are few things that are as inspiring to watch as typical asphalted streetscape transforms into a green and lush space. Plantings captivate... 
Just as we understand it takes many trees to make up a forest, we recognize our need for partnership. Our partners are diverse and... 
TheDCH has been greening the First State for over thirty years. Our approach to horticulture is community driven with a resonating impact.... 

I brought a friend to the flower arranging class and we had a blast! Emily was wonderful and I look forward to taking it again.

— Molly Keresztury
DE Art Museum
Volunteers plant thousands of bulbs, perennials and shrubs each year in Wilmington City Parks?