Lectures, Workshops, Trips, and Tours

Creating a beautiful arrangement, learning about the latest garden trend, and touring breath-taking gardens locally and abroad are just a few of the educational opportunities we offer! Visit the Calendar of Events to see our upcoming opportunities.


Gardening Program at Delores J. Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution (BWCI)

Working with volunteers from the The Garden Club of Wilmington, we take our classes inside the prison walls. Volunteers and staff organize horticulture classes and gardening activities at BWCI, inspiring participants towards green and healthy futures.

Delaware's only green jobs training programs for unemployed, underemployed, and previously incarcerated men and women. 
In my house, when it rains my 4-year-old happily says...Mommy, we like the rain cause it makes the flowers grow! Thanks to TheDCH, teaching my daughter the value of a garden...
— Elizabeth Dougherty
TheDCH board Member