Tree Steward Program

As a Certified Tree Steward, you can advocate for your community trees, be the first to learn about available tree resources and funding, and meet other tree ambassadors like yourself!


What would I do as a Tree Steward?

The common thread of all Tree Stewards is serving as a tree ambassador at the neighborhood level, supporting the urban forest goals of your community. Some possible Tree Steward activities might include:

  • Attend Tree Steward Certification Training
  • Write grants and seeking funding for tree work
  • Organize volunteers for a tree activity (planting, mulching, watering, pruning, etc)
  • Ask civic leaders and elected officials for support
  • Serve as a point person for tree education and questions in your neighborhood
  • Obtain approval from your neighbors for tree projects
  • Recruit additional Tree Stewards from your neighborhood
  • Participate in TheDCH’s volunteer tree activities in the broader community

Why should I become a certified Tree Steward?

There is much research to demonstrate that community tree stewardship is a critical factor in managing a community’s urban forest and increasing its tree cover and the benefits trees provide. Here are a few top reasons to become certified:

  • Receive a free gift for completing the training series (such as pruners, gloves, or other tree tool)
  • Receive a coupon for a free TheDCH lecture
  • Be the first to learn of funding opportunities and grant workshops for tree projects
  • Be the first to learn of free or low-cost trees available
  • Take on a leadership role on your block, and serve as a tree resource for your neighbors
  • Get to know other Tree Stewards and neighbors who care about trees and share tips about what works in your neighborhoods
  • Learn all about trees and how to plant and care for those in your community
  • Receive recognition at TheDCH’s annual Volunteer Appreciation or NeighborWoods Celebration
  • Receive ongoing support from TheDCH, a community greening non-profit with 30 years of experience in helping to green communities
  • Become part of the regional “Plant One Million” campaign

What will I learn in the Tree Steward Certification Training?

You will learn how to be an effective Tree Steward and about resources available for your community, basic tree biology and identification, the benefits of trees, managing trees (proper selection, pruning, planting and care), and how TheDCH can support you in your efforts.


To find upcoming dates for the next Tree Steward Certification Series, visit our calendar of events.

Please explore our webpages for more on community trees! For more information or to add your name to the list of interested Tree Stewards, contact Samuel Seo.

It was great to see TheDCH honor the sacrifice of WWI vets by planting cherry trees. It’s beautiful when they are all blooming.

— Andrew Dinsmore
Trees planted by
TheDCH in Delaware: