Community Forestry

As the name suggests, the Community Forestry Program is passionate about both people and trees. That’s why it partners with local, state, and federal organizations to promote the many benefits of urban trees and encourages active community participation in city tree care. This effort is especially important as today’s urban canopy is in decline. The Community Forestry Program works to reverse this trend by inventorying our city’s trees and aiding in the development of a comprehensive management plan for our urban forest.


We also, of course, do the planting! Since 1977, we have assisted neighborhoods in the planting and maintaining of over 15,000 trees on Wilmington streets. The benefits of trees cannot be overstated; from reducing energy costs to their intrinsic beauty, trees are a simple way to bring green to our city streets. Each spring, we celebrate our trees by coordinating Arbor Day programs and the Wilmington Tree Giveaway with local partners, governments, and organizations. We also offer Tree Steward training year-round to encourages individuals and community organizations to become advocates for trees in their neighborhoods.


We know trees are a great addition to any neighborhood, and the Community Forestry Program works hard to make them accessible to residents. Beyond the planting, DCH also collaborates with the City of Wilmington and New Castle County by providing expertise and professional consultation services for numerous urban forest projects to help protect and maintain this important resource. If you have a tree-related question, please contact Samuel Seo.


Trees can reduce bothersome noise by up to 50% and can mask unwanted noises with pleasant sounds.
Trees planted by
TheDCH in Delaware: