Our Gardens

Since 1977, DCH has helped start, maintain, and support more than 40 community gardens throughout New Castle County. Located in vacant lots and public spaces, these community spaces are as diverse as the neighborhoods they are found in. From children’s gardens to a women’s prison, DCH-supported gardens and farms are each unique expressions of urban growing. Committing deeply to the ground-up approach, our Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture program helps residents realize their own green dreams.

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Baylor Women's Correctional Institution  

Burton-Phelan Community Garden  

Hedgeville Children's Garden  

Samaritan Outreach Community Garden  

Samuel Garrett Memorial Garden  

The Secret Garden  

Shearman Street Community Garden  

Valley Community Garden  


I want a community garden in my neighborhood! I want to be a part of a community garden! I have so many questions about urban growing!

We help community groups locate, lease, and secure appropriate sites for their needs. We also provide materials, plants, tools, technical advice, and a support network for the groups’ gardening efforts. We help connect people with community gardens in their own neighborhoods. And we help you learn how to garden. If you have a green idea or a general gardening question and want to find out how DCH might be able to help, call (302) 658-6262.

A well tended vegetable garden yields a $500 return when accounting for the market price of produce and an average gardener’s investment.