Community Gardens and Urban Agriculture

At TheDCH, food is a universal language, and growing produce can play a powerful role in bringing communities together. We’re committed to promoting urban agriculture in cities and towns throughout Delaware. We work at the grassroots level to address social, economic, educational, and environmental issues and help create healthy and sustainable communities.


Our projects include community gardens, container plantings, institutional gardens, school gardens, and our urban farm. These initiatives creatively strengthen relationships between community-based organizations, non profits, government leaders, and individuals.


The Delaware Urban Farm and Food Coalition

The Delaware Center for Horticulture is a founding member of the Delaware Urban Farm and Food Coalition (DEUFFC). Supported by a wide variety of community members and groups, DEUFFC actively addresses food security issues and gives special consideration to low income neighborhoods. DEUFFC, which is comprised of people and organizations committed to ensuring food justice for all residents of the First State, also provides education and resources to anyone interested in urban growing.

Today TheDCH supports over 20 community gardens throughout New Castle County. Located in vacant lots and public spaces... 
Ever dreamt of a city filled with vegetables and fruits? Stop dreaming and come see it in action! 
In my house, when it rains my 4-year-old happily says...Mommy, we like the rain cause it makes the flowers grow! Thanks to TheDCH, teaching my daughter the value of a garden...
— Elizabeth Dougherty
TheDCH board Member

DCH partners with other organizations to create school gardens that introduce children to vegetables and encourage healthy eating habits.