Valley Community Garden

“The Garden has stimulated concern for the cleanliness and welfare of the neighborhood.”



West Center City Neighborhood – Corner of 8th and Jefferson Streets, Wilmington, DE 19801

Fast Facts
Type: Vegetable Garden
Coordinator: Rock Brown
Created: 2001



As with many other community gardens, Valley Community Garden began as an vacant lot that had become a dumping ground for trash and car parts. Citizens rallied around the idea of making a garden out of the space and enlisted the help of the City of Wilmington and the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Working together, the site has been transformed into a community vegetable garden featuring 21 raised beds, 14 different families and individuals who tend them, and an eye-catching mural by local artist Roldán West that represents the Past, Present, and Future of the area.


Naming the Garden

The garden name is derived from "The Valley" neighborhood in which it is located. Known as a tough neighborhood, the name dates back to the 1960s and is so-called for its location at the bottom of a hill that rolls down from Washington Street to Monroe Street and travels up again from Adam Street to Van Buren Street.



The garden has clearly changed the neighborhood for the better; fostering concern in area residents for the welfare of the community. Individuals and organizations have stepped up efforts to keep nearby lots and streets clean, and people are noticeably more relaxed in the streets around the garden.

It was great to see TheDCH honor the sacrifice of WWI vets by planting cherry trees. It’s beautiful when they are all blooming.

— Andrew Dinsmore