Shearman Street Community Garden

“Everybody on my block has eaten out of that garden.”



East Side Neighborhood – 404 Shearman Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

Fast Facts
Type: Vegetable Garden
Coordinators: Alice Davis and Hazel Brown
Created: 1985



Tucked away in a two-block long side street, this organic community vegetable garden sits around the corner from the Burton-Phelan garden in a lot generously donated by the City of Wilmington, under the condition it is used as a community garden. The garden boasts 16 raised beds maintained by 10 families and an intergenerational garden program that allows adult gardeners to transfer both horticultural knowledge and a love of plants to the participating youth.



Led by community gardeners and TheDCH staff, the children maintain two beds of their own – planting seeds, watering, weeding, and enjoying the harvests of their hard work. They also can be found creating stepping stones, mapping urban green spaces, and matching seeds to the fruits from which they came.



Even neighbors who don’t directly participate in the garden benefit from the generosity of those who do. Gardeners enjoy sharing their vegetables with everyone in the community and neighbors can be heard eagerly discussing the growth of the watermelons and anxiously anticipating the harvesting of the collard greens.

Throughout the streets of Wilmington, I overwhelmed by the impact your organization has had on the city of Wilmington.

— Paul Beane
Goodwill of DE