I’m calling to tell you that yesterday at the Arbor Day festivities over at the Brown-Burton-Winchester Park on the East Side with your protégé Nick, was one of the best days of my entire life. I was filled with trepidation, I didn’t think it was going to be any fun, I didn’t know anything about trees, I’ve never had a child so I don’t know about kids, and I never go to that part of town, and so on. However, I went and I took my friend Lisa from here at Stonegates. We had more fun, we learned a lot about trees and we LOVED those children. They were adorable! I had the best time! So thank you. Thank you for getting me involved, getting me off my rear end and out of this retirement community. And I can not thank you enough for all the good you all do. It is just an amazing organization. I am so proud to be a volunteer for the Delaware Center for Horticulture. Thank you for thinking of me.
— Mary Ellen Martin-Marvel