Trees for Wilmington


The Trees for Wilmington (TFW) coalition began in 2006 as a working group of the Wilmington Beautification Commission, an initiative of the Mayor’s Office to improve the City’s parks and urban landscapes. TFW is composed of a variety of stakeholders, including local residents, policy-makers, government agency representatives and municipal employees.

Trees for Wilmington seeks to engage the community in the process to establish a healthy and flourishing tree canopy in Wilmington. Recently the group has been developing a plan to address decades of deferred tree maintenance and educating leaders about the measurable benefits of trees. They are distributing data that demonstrates how essential trees are to the vitality of urban environments and proposing strategies for long-term growth and sustainability of Wilmington’s urban forest. Trees are regulated under Chapter 46 of the City Code. For more information about the City of Wilmington’s Urban Forestry Program, please visit

I probably first heard about the TheDCH over 25 years ago. I don’t think it was called the DCH then. I thought it was a good resource for the average gardener and I entered...
— Clara Zahradnik
Tree Steward, Tilton Park Resident
Trees planted by
TheDCH in Delaware: