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Bare Root Tree Orders

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American Hornbeam Order Here
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Exclamation Plantree Order Here
Swamp White Oak Order Here
Winter King Hawthorn Order Here
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How to Plant your Bare Root Tree

Pre-paid trees can be picked up at TheDCH in Wilmington during business hours (12-6) on Thursday, April 16th and (9-6) Friday, April 17th. A free “How to plant your bare root tree" workshop will be on April 16th from 5:30 to 6:00 pm.


Every Tree Counts


TheDCH plants hundreds of trees in towns and cities throughout Delaware each year and tracks where new trees are being planted throughout the state. Trees planted anywhere in the tri-state region count toward the Plant One Million campaign, an initiative planting a million trees across 13 counties in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.


Questions about our bare root tree sale? Contact Annie Acton

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What’s special about bare root trees?

Bare root trees come without any soil around their root systems, unlike the more traditional balled and burlapped (B&B) or container trees.

Bare root trees have many advantages over trees with a heavy dirt ball:

  • Planting bare root trees is a fun and family-friendly activity. The trees from TheDCH are 6 – 12 feet tall, yet are light enough for a child to carry.
  • Bare root trees are affordable. They are much less expensive than a similarly-sized tree with a dirt ball of roots.
  • Bare root trees come with 200% more roots. With diligent watering, they grow quickly and have an excellent survival rate.
  • The planting hole does not need to be deep. Bare root trees need a wide hole, but not an especially deep hole. This is great news if you’re planting a tree in a spot with hard clay soil. Additionally, a wide, shallow hole reduces the common risk of killing a tree from planting it too deep.

Read more: "Creating the Urban Forest: The Bare Root Method” from Cornell University. Urban Horticulture Institute, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University, Ithaca New York.


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Volunteer to plant trees.
Each year hundreds of local residents and community organizations join forces with TheDCH to plant bare root trees in the community each spring and fall. For more information, check out this page. We hope to see you there!


Our next volunteer planting will take place on:

Saturday, April18th, 2014 from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location to be determined.
Contact Marcia Stephenson for more details and to sign up as a volunteer.


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What’s new about our tree sale?


In Memory of Loved Ones

TheDCH is collaborating with the Delaware Grief Awareness Consortium to plant trees in memory of loved ones.


With a minimum donation of $100, we will plant trees in Delaware and send you a certificate suitable for framing with the name of your loved one. Learn more about making memorial gifts for trees here.


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I brought a friend to the flower arranging class and we had a blast! Emily was wonderful and I look forward to taking it again.

— Molly Keresztury
DE Art Museum
Trees planted by
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