Rare Plant Auction® at Longwood Gardens

Get ready for the greatest garden party that TheDCH has ever thrown. Garden party attire is encouraged, so ladies and gents: dust off that hatbox to find your favorite spring hat, and treat yourself to a new dress, blouse, tie or dress shirt in a glorious shade of coral pink to celebrate the 36th Rare Plant Auction®.


The Rare Plant Auction, staged in the idyllic Longwood Gardens East Conservatory on April 30 (6:30 - 10 p.m.), is a fantastic opportunity for gardening enthusiasts to enjoy Longwood Gardens for the day, see (and take home) hundreds of amazing specimens -- and live your highest values by helping raise money for greening programs that support under-served communities.


Admission is $125 - $600 per person and includes:

  • Open bar and food throughout the night
  • Valet parking
  • Music
  • Day-of-event tickets to Longwood Gardens
  • Access to see and purchase hundreds of rare, beautiful, not-yet-introduced, and difficult to propagate species in the 36th annual Rare Plant Auction®, which includes three silent auctions and an engaging live auction.

If you attended the 2015 Auction and are interested in the culture information for your purchases, click below for a pdf file with the information on all the plants that were at auction.


RPA 2015 Catalog


RPA 2015 Plant Descriptions

I’m calling to tell you that yesterday at the Arbor Day festivities over at the Brown-Burton-Winchester Park on the East Side with your protégé Nick, was one of the best days...
— Mary Ellen Martin-Marvel
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